Emma's Cookie Kitchen
About Us

      Emma’s Cookie Kitchen is a Mother - Daughter Artisan Bakery, aka.     Traveling Treat Trailer. We travel to fairs, festivals, and events throughout       Wisconsin and Illinois serving you The BEST EVER Cookies n' Treats!                                

                       Emma's tasty treats are made from scratch,                           the old fashioned way, in small batches, with the freshest and finest ingredients. 

                                       We believe Fresh is Best.                                                                       We want our customers to remember                                                       and cherish those Magical Moments of                         
 Fresh Baked Cookies, Just Like Grandma Use To Do!

     We pack love, passion, & happiness into every bite! 

No artificial preservatives, No artificial flavors, No Trans Fat!

 Fresh, Natural, Homemade, Mouth-Watering Goodness! MMMMM!

Treat yourself to life's simple luxuries. 

Close your eyes, take a bite, and enjoy! MMMMM!!!

Better yet; share them with your family & friends! 

Life's short...Eat Cookies!

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